A Common-Law Partnership Can Lead to Foreign Residency Similar to Marriage

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With summer around the corner, we decided to touch on a somewhat lighter topic — love and romantic relationships.

No, we are not planning to start a Sovereign Man dating service. Instead, today, we take a look at how your romantic relationship could help power up your Plan B…

Besides the excitement and a sense of adventure, a relationship can bring you something much more material — a foreign residency, and potentially even second citizenship.

We don’t suggest that you get married right away; marriage is a serious responsibility both personally and legally, after all.

Instead, we present you with a much simpler and faster alternative — obtaining foreign residency through a common-law partnership.

Most Western countries consider common-law partnerships to be a “Marriage Lite” version, and they require almost no paperwork and minimal time to form. (And in some countries, you don't even need to officially register this kind of partnership at all).

At the same time, common law partners enjoy many of the same benefits as married people, including qualifying for residency in a foreign country.

If your partner is a Spanish, German or Canadian citizen (or a legal resident), then you can become eligible for an easy residency in these countries, too.

And it gets better.

In some cases, the government allows you to apply for residency even if your relationship is brand new. You could have met just a couple of weeks ago.

Plus, in Europe, EU-wide legislation allows you to apply for residency in (almost) any other EU country, regardless of your EU partner’s nationality. For example, your Bulgarian or Estonian partner could sponsor you for residency in Spain or Portugal.

In this report, we cover the applicable procedures in Spain in detail (the country is incredibly livable, and has rather lenient rules. We also present an overview of the requirements in Portugal, Malta, the United States and Canada.

Ahhh, yes, love is in the air… …as the popular Seventies song goes.  …In the whisper of the tree…in the thunder of the sea… And it is no wonder why this Paul Young song is so popular. People worldwide feel an instant connection when they hear the first verse.  Besides adding joy and adventure to…

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