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In this month's report, we highlight positive developments in Italy, which announced a Digital Nomad Visa, and in El Salvador, which is offering 5,000 passports for free.

Meanwhile, Spain has announced its intention to cancel the real estate investment route of its popular Golden Visa program. 

Additionally, we contemplate whether Zimbabwe’s new gold-backed currency will alleviate the country from the grip of perpetual crises. 

Furthermore, we argue that the sting of bad news in Ecuador could represent an excellent property buying opportunity in its expat hub, Cuenca.

Here are all the events covered in this month’s enhanced Q&A rollup:

Global Events

  • Italy launches the Digital Nomad Visa
  • El Salvador is giving away 5,000 passports to “Highly Skilled Foreign Workers”
  • Spain plans to cancel its Golden Visa program
  • Will Zimbabwe’s new gold-backed currency turn the country’s fortunes?
  • Crisis in Ecuador: The buying opportunity?


  • We have updated our Cost of Living project. Here is a curious finding.

Questions & Answers

  • Top countries with easy permanent residency and no income tax
  • Does time spent in the US affect your residency status in other countries?
  • Gift tax rules for non-Americans spouse

Global Events (crucial for your Plan B) Italy launches the Digital Nomad Visa Perhaps the only ‘positive’ development brought about by the pandemic was the emergence of Digital Nomad Visas (DNV) — simplified residency programs enabling individuals to reside in a country for a year or two. Presently, approximately 50 countries extend these visas to…

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