Do You Speak French? You Could Be Eligible for a French Passport Today

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There is only one country whose name is synonymous with “love,” and that is France. 

Its spell has captured the imaginations of millions, which is why, political problems and Covid issues be damned, it remains the most visited country in the world.

Many who visit the country would love to be from it.

And we have unearthed a little-known ‘secret’... 

If you have France in your soul, and the French language as one of your skills, you might just qualify for a passport.


We can thank the country’s conquesting spirit for this possibility. France, for years, had a big appetite… and not just for foie gras.

What art and culture did to conquer people’s hearts, the sword did to conquer people’s lands. 

King Louis XIV started, and Napoleon continued, the mission of expanding France’s territory, and entrenching the French language and culture across the globe. 

From the Americas to Africa and Asia. They “visited” every continent — even Antarctica — and left their influence and culture firmly present there. 

The result of this expansion presents the kind of opportunities we love to excavate here at Sovereign Man. No matter your current nationality or location, you could become a French national.

How is this possible?

You need to have cultural ties to France.

The process of getting French citizenship is not too complex in itself. It will, however, require a lot of creative thinking because you will have to prove your ties to France

What would those “ties” be? And how to prove them? We analyzed the French Civil Code, visited the country, and spoke with a seasoned lawyer who dealt with numerous such cases. 

Read more about this thrilling opportunity in our report, and find out how YOU can obtain a French passport yourself.

“Paris was never to be the same again, although it was always Paris and you changed as it changed… but this is how it was in the early days when we were very poor and very happy.”  Ernest Hemingway Hemingway. Gertrude Stein. F. Scott Fitzgerald. James Joyce. Samuel Beckett. Edith Wharton. Henry Miller. Frederic Chopin.…

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