Got European Roots? You Could Qualify for Residency By Descent In Europe

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Europe's tumultuous history, characterized by incessant wars, famines and upheavals, prompted millions of people to seek a better life overseas. 

As a result, European diasporas sprouted across the globe over the past 250 years, from Brazil and sub-Saharan Africa to Australia and the United States. 

While these immigrants have embraced their new homelands, many communities also have managed to preserve their languages and customs.

And today, several European countries are beginning to recognize these enduring ties by offering ancestral citizenship to descendants of migrants. 

However, not everyone qualifies for Citizenship By Ancestry, as you typically must establish a clear, documented connection to your European ancestor.

Nonetheless, countries like Slovakia and Croatia also acknowledge these heritage connections in another way – by issuing special certificates recognizing your affiliation with the country's diaspora abroad. 

These certificates are easier to qualify for than Citizenship By Ancestry, and serve as valuable assets, allowing you to apply for residency in your ancestral homeland. In many cases, they also lead to an expedited and simplified naturalization process.

After examining European immigration laws, we have identified six countries that offer such certificates, as well as an additional five countries that offer direct residency based on your ancestral roots. 

If your ancestors have bequeathed you their history and genes, it is wise to take advantage of it. 

Whether through diaspora certificates or direct residency programs, these initiatives offer a pathway to establish a foothold in your country of ancestral origin and embark on a new chapter in life.

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