October 2022 SC Q&A

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In this resource we've covered...

In this month's Sovereign Confidential Q&A, we are covering the following topics:

  • Namibia now offers a digital nomad visa – first one in mainland Africa
  • Spain enacts its Citizenship By Ancestry Program
  • How much time do you need to spend in Serbia in order to naturalize there?
  • Can your Mexican child sponsor you for your Mexican citizenship?
  • Can Italian citizens qualify for the country’s tax incentives?
  • Current requirements to qualify under the rentista visa category for Chilean residency…

… and more.

Updates Update 1: Namibia To Offer Digital Nomad Visa – First in Mainland Africa The past couple of years have been a really fruitful period for location-independent workers, given the range of new digital nomad visas that have sprung up around the globe.  And more countries are joining the race to attract digital nomads; it…

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